What makes Simitless different from other apps? Why should I pick your platform?

This is a great question, thanks for asking! Well, first of all, our founders have a background in Market Intelligence and do understand how the field works and what it needs. Our experience and knowledge enabled us to come up with a unique approach and develop a system that caters to the requirements of experts and small businesses in need of a custom CRM software. We have built our platform around simplicity and ease of […]

Billing – What can I do on this page?

On this page, you can view, pick, change (upgrade or downgrade) any of the plans to better suit your needs. The plan you have selected will stand out against other remaining plans. In addition, the page gives you an overview of how much of your data plan you are currently using as well as the number of parallel users that can access your app. If you need to upgrade only certain options in your plan […]

Welcome to the platform!

Welcome to our platform! This is the tab where you can consult articles to help you explore and use Simitless to its maximum capacity. The articles will guide you through the workspace setup, app building, landing page creation, etc., and will help you orient yourself on the platform. Remember, anytime you get lost, just click the question mark icon on the right-hand side of your screen and you’ll be able to access help. We do […]

Review Prospects – What can I do on this page?

Here you can see people who are interested in your product and app and have subscribed to either one of the subscription plans you offer or to one of the products. You can also see the link to your landing page displayed on this page. You can use this link to promote your landing page and your product via social media, for example, or among your friends and potential interests.

What have people done with Simitless?

Some people have built Marine Biology information sharing systems, others have been selling their Oil and Gas industry expertise and automatizing their consulting practices. Many are using Simitless for their internal needs and develop their own business intelligence information systems for all their employees to use. To get a bigger and clearer overview, how about checking our blog? We have some exciting user stories that you might be interested in! In general, possibilities are simply […]

Help Articles

This is the page where we have assembled all the help articles of our platform. Anytime you want to verify or check something that you remember seeing in one of the articles on a particular page of the system but cannot remember where you saw it and have no time to go trough the pages individually, just check back here. To ease the search, we have given different sets of articles a name. This should […]

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