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Change the main screen of your information system

Here is the main screen of your information system. It is the central place where the magic starts. As one would expect, no two systems are the same. That is why you can change this screen to match your needs. Simply go to “Edit App” in the shortcut menu on the top right-hand side of your screen and use the “Change Main View” button to select a different view or even a combination of views. […]

Data: Populating your application with data – What can I do on this page?

This page gives you an overview of all your data types that you have chosen to determine the nature of your app and that you structured previously to describe your data exhaustively. Clicking either on any of the data types’ names in the purple boxes or the table icon, the plus icon or the import icon in the said table, will take you to the screen where you can start inputting the data you have […]