Change the main screen of your information system

Here is the main screen of your information system. It is the central place where the magic starts. As one would expect, no two systems are the same. That is why you can change this screen to match your needs. Simply go to “Edit App” in the shortcut menu on the top right-hand side of your screen and use the “Change Main View” button to select a different view or even a combination of views. […]

Main types, sub-types

On this screen, you are defining your data model. First, you need to define your main types. These are the types that would be re-usable. For example, in a school management app, you may have “pupil” as a main type. That way it can be linked to and reused in other main types such as classes, exams, homework, etc. Sub-types contain anything that is related to a main type and typically does not get re-used […]

Customers Access Rights – What can I do on this page?

On this page, you can determine who has access to which part of your content. You can determine the global access rights of your subscribers by clicking the icons that would activate certain global types of access rights. You can also regulate the access rights to certain parts of your system, for example, you can enable or disable access rights to only some kinds of your data types, leaving others unchanged.

Simitless Marketplace – What can I do in this page?

This page showcases all the applications and products available for subscription on the Simitless marketplace. Each box gives you information about the name of the product, the name of the owner of the product, a short description of the product as well as the link (the purple button, saying “Go to [name of the product]”) that allows you to subscribe to the product.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Your user billing page groups everything you need to manage subscriptions and payments. Check it out at There, you will be able to securely input the details of most bank cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you need some other way to pay, get in touch and drop us a line @ [email protected] and we’ll discuss what we can arrange just for you.

Product Edit – What can I do on this page?

This page is dedicated to creating a product that you can put onto the Simitless marketplace and to advertise on your landing page. Determine what the short description and the full product page should say to interest your potential subscribers. Once that is done, move on to determining the price you want to charge for your product. To do so, click the “Create a price point to be able to publish” button.

I have a coupon or a voucher, what do I do?

Once you have created an account, you can choose a paying plan (there are multiple to choose from, by the way) corresponding to your needs. Then, you need to provide your payment details on your user billing page for the product you want to apply the voucher to. Next to the card details, you’ll notice a ticket icon . Click on that icon to verify your voucher details against our server to apply it to […]

Home Page – What can I do here?

Welcome to the Home Page. This is your starting page. It is the place where all your Workspaces and Applications are located. You can also get a tour of the platform and have Simitless guide you through building your app by clicking the yellow buttons located towards the bottom of the page. If you have not built any apps or have not created any workspaces, then your Home Screen will be empty. If you already […]

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