Home Page – What can I do here?

Welcome to the Home Page.

This is your starting page. It is the place where all your Workspaces and Applications are located.

You can also get a tour of the platform and have Simitless guide you through building your app by clicking the yellow buttons located towards the bottom of the page.

If you have not built any apps or have not created any workspaces, then your Home Screen will be empty. If you already have workspaces or applications, you can go directly to editing or viewing them by clicking on any workspace on the left-hand side and selecting the application you want on the right-hand side. You can as well manage users or billing options at the top in the navbar.

In the top left corner, the notification box shows you any notifications coming either from Simitless (like notifying you about the end of your trial period, etc.) or from your own users or subscribers (like notifying you about new subscribers or new requests to join your workspace, for example.)