What makes Simitless different from other apps? Why should I pick your platform?

This is a great question, thanks for asking! Well, first of all, our founders have a background in Market Intelligence and do understand how the field works and what it needs. Our experience and knowledge enabled us to come up with a unique approach and develop a system that caters to the requirements of experts and small businesses in need of a custom CRM software. We have built our platform around simplicity and ease of use (for the users), real-time collaboration, ability to work with any kind of data (from texts, numbers, coordinates now to images and videos later), creation of beautiful visualizations (still in development for now), to the possibility of reselling your data and capitalizing on your expertise (Simitless provides you with a customizable landing page for you to advertise your apps and reports and takes care of all the billing and invoicing for you).

Have a go, try it out and unleash your creative forces!