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What is Market Intelligence?

Awesome question! In short, Market Intelligence is an ongoing, holistic knowledge of all aspects of the marketplace. It seeks to answer questions about who does/needs/wants/looks for what, when, how and why. In fact, if you are interested, we have written a whole series of articles on that topic. Check it out on our blog at blog.simitless.com . The first one in the series is titled just as this Frequently Asked Question: “What is Market Intelligence?”.

English is not my mother tongue. Is Simitless available in other languages as well?

Soon, we hope! As you might know, being a young start-up, we have limited resources and we must allocate them wisely. For now, we are focusing on adding as many functionalities to our platform as possible. But, fear not! We are working our hardest to be able to adapt and translate Simitless into other languages. And, as soon as we do, we will let you know! So, stay tuned.

How do I start my app?

1. First thing to do on the platform is to create your workspace. It will be the center of operations for all your apps. Having a workspace as the head of all the apps makes managing the apps and setting up billing simpler. That way you can create as many apps as you want under the same account and mutualize resources to minimize expenses. 2. Next, you can start building your apps. To do so, […]

I want to invite my friend/colleague/etc. to work with me on my app. How do I do that?

This is great news! All you have to do now is go to your Workspace page and click on the Users tab. There, you can invite or add an already existing user to your app by typing in either their email address or their username. The user then receives an email with your invitation and can join your app by clicking the link, provided in the email. Voila, you both can now collaborate on your […]

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