How do I start my app?

1. First thing to do on the platform is to create your workspace. It will be the center of operations for all your apps. Having a workspace as the head of all the apps makes managing the apps and setting up billing simpler. That way you can create as many apps as you want under the same account and mutualize resources to minimize expenses.
2. Next, you can start building your apps. To do so, you should determine what data types your app should have (data types are the defining elements of your app, if you want to know more about it, have a look at our FAQ or the quick help section on the “Create an App” screen. The quick help is a big “?” button on the right hand side of any screen on the Simitless platform).
3. Once this is done, you can start structuring your data types by introducing as many layers to each one of them as you want to describe your data exhaustively (we have made a short tutorial video about it that you can view on the “Edit your App” screen).
4. Afterwards, you can start inputing all the data you have into your app. Woohoo! Progress!
5. Now, you can determine what parts of your app you want to offer to the public and to set a price point for it.
6. Once that is done, you can go ahead and show off your products by creating a Landing Page, also provided by the Simitless platform.
7. All that is left for you to do is to advertise your app on either social media, or among friends or any other way you want.
8. You can also browse Simitless marketplace to discover apps that might be of interest to you.