Edit Your Tree Structure – What can I do on this page?

To build your complete app, you first need a structure. And there are a few pointers regarding the how-tos of structuring that we would like to share with you. For example, let’s have a look at the tree structure.

The tree structure is the backbone of your data organization: it comfortably contains all the layers of information about one single datatype in your database.

This is just a descriptive structure. Each given data type (say, for example, “person”) you want to have in your database, or your app, will be described by as many layers (say, for example, “salutation”, “name”, “address”, etc.) as you need to have to achieve the completeness you desire. You can link your data type with another as well if your app calls for it.

The real data input, i.e the entering of all the items/individuals/things (that is the real “Mr. Smiths”) happens later in the app building process. These said individuals will be exhaustively described by all the layers you have introduced to structure this one single data type.

This is the idea behind this tree structure of the app.