App Edition – What can I do on this page?

This is the page where you can do all the administrative work regarding your app.

You can start by renaming (or not) your application, writing a description for it and ticking the options that you would like to apply to your application. (One of the things you might want to consider is whether you want your app to be open or private. Keep in mind that if your app is open, it is publicly accessible. If you want your app to not be open to the public, you should set it to “private”.)

On this same page, you can also manage your users and determine the extent of their access rights. To do so, click on the “Edit User Rights” tab. Hover over the icons, if you are unsure about what they mean, and click the ones you want to activate. You can invite users to join your app by inputting either their username or their email. You can also see whether and who of your users has requested any additional users rights. At the bottom of the screen, you get the overview of all the users who have access to your app and the extent of their user rights.

If you click on the “Edit data types” tab, you will be redirected to the structure proper of your app. You will be able to view all the data types you have selected as the main cornerstones of your app, edit them, add more subtypes, create more main types, etc.